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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reed below,the NEOBUX GUIDE to learn,How Neobux Works

 NeoBux is a free to use online service for making money and advertising which is available in both        English and Portuguese languages. Included is an integrated forum with 23 non English sub forums where you can freely discuss a whole range of topics including money.
  The service allows people to gain access to hundreds of thousands of potentially new customers, advertisers have many different options for purchasing advertising packages. As an advertiser, you can also make money online with neobux.
   As a member of NeoBux you get paid to view adverts for a short period of time which is specified by the advertiser, simply put, the longer the time the more money you make.
Straight after viewing an advert, you receive a cash amount credited to your balance which can be cashed out instantly starting from as little as $2.00.
    You can increase your money by inviting or referring friends for example or rent people who will click and earn you money. There are also several membership packages which include specific account benefits and access to additional daily adverts.
The site is free to use, there's no need to pay anything to start earning today!

                         CLICK HERE 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to get refs for NeoBux I.

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1. Post on GPT forums.
This is a great idea, get involved in forums that are about the get paid industry and put your referral link in your signature. Don’t make the mistake of spamming the forum otherwise you will find your post deleted and most likely your account at the forum banned. What you want to do is become a part of the forum community and as more and more people read what you have to say, you will find people will start to click your referral link out of curiosity, this will lead to sign ups.

2. Tell friends and family.
Such an easy thing to do but the most often this over looked all too often, a lot of people that don’t understand how it is possible to make money online maybe skeptical at first, but start showing them your checks and/or payment proofs and they will soon change their tune and want to give it a go for themselves.

3. Letter box drop your neighborhoods.
Making up flyers and doing a letterbox drop can be an effective way of getting referrals, just keep in mind the more flyers you get into letter boxes the more referrals you are likely to get. This can be time consuming though and will cost you a little bit of money up front to get the flyers made up.  

4. Walk through parking lots putting flyers on cars.

It is a quick way to get your flyer to many people, the problem is if those flyers get read or not, so if you are going to try this make sure your flyers stand out.

5. Write a blog.
If you want to get serious about gaining referrals to any program then this is a must do, make a simple blog about your get paid to program, the trick is then to get traffic to your blog. This I will make a seperate post about and go into more detail on how to drive traffic to your site.

6. Find chat rooms and groups that have the sole purpose of “Easy Money Making”
It isn’t all that time consuming and can be fun and you most likely pick up a few tips and tricks from the chat room as well.

7. Write a classified ad.
Advertising in your local newspaper could have some very good results, your ad will be read by thousands of people and if only 100 people of those thousands bother to check out the site you are advertising and if out of those only half sign up, then that is potentially 50 referrals you could get just for running the one ad. The more I think about this, the more I think that I will give it a go.

8. Talk to students at high schools and colleges.
Absolutely go for it, if you a teen in high school then you know exactly how much your school friends need money, if you can show them an easy and legitimate way to make money online then surely they are going to be interested and if you can follow up and show them your checks/payment proofs then I think you will find they would be more than willing to sign up on the spot and give it a go.

9. Put a flyer up at work.
A simple flyer in your work’s staff room can be very effective, everyone there is working to make money, if they can be introduced to an easy way to make a bit more then most of them are going to be interested.

10. Advertise while you drive with flags, bumper stickers, etc.
This does take a little bit of money to be spent up front, but I find that the results are worth it.